Wii trounces YouTube, McDonald’s Mega Mac in consumer awards

Nikkei Trendy - Image 1 If you’re one of those who are skeptical about the Wii shortage phenomena, then you may want  to take a look at this: Nintendo’s waggly console has managed to nab this year’s top spot in Nikkei Trendy’s Best 30 consumer hit charts, making the Wii the most in-demand item to date in Japan, at least. Hit the full article for more details.

Nikkei Trendy - Image 1Here’s more proof that the problematic Wii shortage phenomena is very real: Nintendo’s waggly console landed the top spot in Nikkei Trendy’s Best 30 consumer hit products in Japan, topping other wildly popular consumer products and services and proving the astoundingly high demand for the Wii.

Last year it was Nintendo’s DS handheld that bagged the top honors, making this Nintendo’s second time in a row to win the Trendy consumer hits top spot. It is said that the Wii’s motion-sensing capability is the key factor in its success.

Other remarkable products that landed in the Top 10 in Trendy’s consumer countdown are YouTube (3rd place), Crocs shoes (5th place), and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (9th place).

Via The Japan Times

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