Wii Web Server alpha v0.71 – added .wmv support and error 500

Wii console - Image 1More saucy ingredients have been recently added to the Wii Web Server alpha, now bumping it up to v0.71. The buck certainly did not stop at the inclusion of the 404 error page, so why don’t you click on that “read more” button to find out what else is up for this serving.

Download: Wii Brew Server alpha v0.71

Wii - Image 1The updates for Wii Web Server just keep on coming, and it’s not like we mind either. No, of course not, especially since they just keep getting better and better. Although still in its alpha stage, we’d still not just call it “just” an alpha because so far the developments we’ve seen have been nothing but consistently good.

This time around, we’ve just been freshly served with v0.71, and it houses a couple of yet another cool additions. Cboomf and Felix123 has added in .wmv support as well as error 500 for server errors. And they do work fast, actually, as it’s only been but a few days since they released version 0.7 which included in it an actual 404 error page for those missing destinations.

That’s all the update we have for you now, but not to worry. We’re sure we’ll be hearing more from these coders again soon.

Download: Wii Brew Server alpha v0.71

Via WiiBrew.org

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