Wiimotes going for US$ 35.99 in Amazon

Wiimote - Image 1We all know that to fully enjoy the Nintendo Wii, it’s usually best to have multiple Wiimotes out, so as to get that multiplayer joy flowing. But for those of us who didn’t pick up a few extra Wiimotes with their initial purchase, Amazon has a special deal that should get you fixed up right away.

Check out the deal in the full article.

Wii - Image 1 

Looking for an additional Wiimote to get some multiplayer kicks out of your Nintendo Wii? Then head on over to Amazon, as the popular online shopping website has just slashed a whopping ten percent off its original selling price, which makes the world-famous peripheral even more affordable. Sweet!

So, just how much is a Wiimote selling for now? A mere US$ 34.99, four greenbacks less than its usual US.99 price tag. Add to that the fact that you can have it shipped completely free of charge.

And if you’re looking for an even sweeter deal, there’s always the offers made by the website’s featured  merchants. Sweet. There’s the thing about it only being available to the United States, though, but it’s still as good a deal as any.

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