WiiPhysics v1.0: physics playground program

Wiibrew - Wii Homebrew - news and downloads - Image 1If you guys know PocketPhysics or crayon physics, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of this new homebrew from coder Beardface. Called WiiPhysics, it’s a physics playground program where you just doodle stuff on screen, then you just let physics take over and watch your doodles come to life. Details in the full article.

Download: WiiPhysics v1.0

Wiibrew - Wii Homebrew - news and downloads - Image 1Do you guys know PocketPhysics or Crayon physics? They’re these fun programs that let you doodle on screen, and will animate your drawings with physics. For example, if you draw a circle and let physics take over, it’ll just fall off screen – unless it had a ground to fall on.

This new program, called WiiPhysics from Beardface, is very much like those programs. It lets you do actions like drawing circles and boxes, and connecting objects by a rope, and even setting them up in a pulley system.

This program was created using Box2D and libwiisprite. If you’re a developer, you can download the latest libwiisprite library by following this link. Before installing WiiPhysics, be sure to go through the documentation. Here are the various tools available to you in WiiPhysics v1.0 (as taken from the readme):

Tools Overview:

  • Select – Use this tool to select objects, Hold A to drag them around, Hold A and press B to put them to sleep/wake them up
  • Draw Circle – Draw Circle
  • Draw Box – Draw Box


  • Rope Joint – Connect two objects by a rope
    • Click on two Objects to connect them
  • Rotate Joint – Create a rotation joint using 2 objects
    • Click on two objects to set up a rotation relationship
  • Pulley Joint = Click on three objects to set up a pulley system
    • 2nd object is the pulley anchor

Object Control

  • Mobile Objects – Keep this selected to allow these objects to move
  • Frozen Objects – Keep this selected to freeze objects you create

Sim Control

  • Run – Run the simulation
  • Stop – Freeze/pause the simulation (Good for building)

Download: WiiPhysics v1.0

Via WiiPhysics

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