Wormstation v2.0 – new menu, solo mode included

A worm protagonist in the Wormstation homebrew shooter by JBskateur - Image 1If you enjoyed worming your way through the previous version of JBskateur‘s homebrew creation Wormstation v.1.1, you may be pleased to know that the developer has released a new build of the game.

PSP homebrew players who appreciate the value of solitude may find the changes in this newer version quite appealing. More on that after the jump.

Download: Wormstation v.2.0

Homebrew game Wormstation bumped up to v2 - Image 1 Homebrew game Wormstation bumped up to v2 - Image 2 

It is said that room for improvement is the largest room in the world. Perhaps that principle is what drove French homebrew developer JBskateur to release Wormstation v2.0 for the Playstation Portable.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Wormstation, it’s a French homebrew game that involves two worms blasting the living daylights out of each other inside a bathroom. Player 1 makes use of the D-pad and the left shoulder button. Player 2, on the other hand, utilizes the four buttons on the right of the Sony handheld and the right shoulder button.

Whereas Wormstation v1.1 featured more fluid controls, JBskateur has provided a small menu screen and with it, the option of playing a one-player game against the computer. The object of the game remains the same in this new one-player mode.

If you’re new to the Wormstation homebrew game and you’d like to give it a try, or if you’ve played the previous version before and you’d like to play JBskateur’s newer version for the sake of comparison, feel free to download Wormstation v.2.0 below.

Note that the game was coded in French so you might need to translated some words to fully enjoy it. As before, kindly exercise caution when installing and running homebrew games and applications.

Download: Wormstation v.2.0

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