WoW forums: clarifications regarding Blizzcast Episode 2

The podcast icon - Image 1Sometimes, all it takes is one podcast to get World of Warcraft fans excited about the next one.

In fact, the apparent excitement and curiosity of WoW players found expression in a myriad of questions directed at Blizzard blue poster Bornakk. How did he respond? Find out after the jump!

The Blizzard Entertainment logo - Image 1The first episode of Blizzcast apparently caused quite a stir, so much so that with the announcement of an upcoming second episode, World of Warcraft players peppered Blizzard blue poster Bornakk with a plethora of questions.

In summary, Bornakk clarified the following points:

  • While Blizzard has finished the main recording, the company is still fine tuning things and thus cannot give an ETA at this time.
  • Blizzard is still keeping a lid on the new interviewees for Blizzcast 2
  • Blizzcast is not a weekly production. Blizzard doesn’t have an official timeline as to when each and every broadcast is supposed to come out.

Interestingly, one WoW forum member pointed out that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning podcasts tended to reveal a lot of information, and wanted to know if Blizzard would do likewise. Bornakk replied by saying:

And to build off what was said, the tag line at the top of the official BlizzCast page is “Taking you deeper into the world of Blizzard.” While new game/content information might be discussed from time to time, that isn’t the primary goal.

Instead we want to bring some unique perspectives to the variety of aspects involved in making games and our company in general.

In a nutshell: Blizzard’s podcasts are different, and more information revealed when the time is right.

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