XBL account hacked for Recon Armor

Xbox Live - Image 1Hacks on the Microsoft Xbox 360 can either be good or bad depending on your perspective, but  the Xbox Live service getting hacked is almost always bad news. Earlier, reports of an XBL account hacked for its Halo 3 Recon Armor circulated. How did Microsoft’s customer service reps handle this? Find out in the full article.

Recon Armor - Image 1We’ve all heard reports of Xbox Live accounts getting hacked over the course of 2007. Some were believable, others weren’t. In the latest Bungie and Team VBI forum posts, we’ve caught an eyeful of what the victim says is a real security breach on Microsoft‘s part.

XBL subscriber Skyllus today reported that his account was hacked for the Halo 3 Recon Armor given to him by developer Bungie Studios. Skyllus made it clear that this is not a case of someone using his password without his permission.

“I’ve changed my pass three times in the past month and no one else knew any of them,” says the victim. “It is an exploit/hole in Microsoft’s security which is going ignored right now.”

Skyllus also recounted how customer service hotline 1800-4MY-XBOX frustrated him by hanging up on him on his first plea for help. A new attempt then resulted in the call being transferred six times between the billing and tech support departments.

“I asked to speak with a supervisor at each set of the chain (of calls), insisting multiple times. Final guy tried to transfer me once again to Billing and I told him how ridiculous that was, and that I demanded to speak with a supervisor. He came back with the news that their network is down,” narrates Skyllus.

The complaint has now resulted in an investigation being launched by the concerned departments. The complainant was the asked to wait 10 working days for a resolution to the problem.

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