XBL Video Store performing well, skewing substantially to HD

XBL Video store performing well, skewing substantially to HD - Image 1If you’re availing the service of the Xbox Live Video Store, then you’d probably smile knowing that it has been performing above expectations and studio partners are pleased.

These are according UK Xbox Live marketing manager, Robin Burrowes. Aside from that, it seems that they will be leaning more towards HD content. Find out more in the full article.

XBL Video Store performing well, skewing substantially to HD - Image 1Robin Burrowes, UK Xbox Live Marketing Manager, said that XBL Video Store has been performing well and that their studio partners are pleased with the performance.

In a recent intreview, Burrowes said that they were performing above expectations. In addition to that, Microsoft has been able to indicate that their high definition content is more popular than the standard definition content.

According to Burrowes, movies like 300, Ocean’s 13, TMNT, and Harry Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have been performing particularly well in terms of download.

Furthermore, studio partner Warner Bros., has said that it was pleased with the performance of the service so far. Burrowes noted that this will “be boosted with the announcement made yesterday that Paramount is also now on board.”

Burrowes, finally, believes that they have been able to “hit the nail on the head” in terms of prices of their items. He added that Microsoft will look at additional rental options for the people in the future.

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