Xbox 360 Falcon consumes less power than old Xbox 360

Xbox 360 new CPU - Image 1 We’ve heard about how the new Falcon 65nm can solve the Xbox 360’s overheating problem, but the folks at AnandTech found something that may also interest Xbox 360 enthusiasts: the new Falcon 65nm Xbox 360 playing Halo 3 uses less power, compared to an old Xbox 360 that sits idle in the Dashboard. Read on to find out more.

Here’s a little trivia to Xbox 360 gamers: AnandTech, a hardware analysis site, just did a very thorough comparison between the old Xbox 360 with 90nm chip and the new Falcon 65nm. Among the many differences, AnandTech discovered that the Xbox 360 Falcon consumes less power while playing Bungie StudiosHalo 3 compared to the old Xbox 360 sitting idle in the Dashboard menu. Check out the charts below:

AnandTech charts - Image 1 AnandTech charts - Image 2 

While the difference is not really that noticeable, it’s just remarkable to note how efficient the Falcon is when it comes to power management. Do take note, however, that less power consumption doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s much better. Also, the power reduction per month won’t really amount to a lot of savings either, not unless you value your power consumption down to the watt.

Check out AnandTech’s entire report in the Via link!

Via AnandTech

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