Xbox Live stalker arrested for threatening two girls

Xbox Live stalker arrested - Image 1It is yet another tale that exhibits the dangers of the Internet: a New York man met a Spokane girl on Xbox Live while playing Halo in 2006. The guy, Joshua Stetar, started stalking the girl. This went on for months until he decided to make the trip to Spokane. The rest of the story follows in the full article.

Xbox Live stalker threatens to rape two girls - Image 1

This is not a boy meets girl story but yet another tale that asks people to be aware of the dangers of meeting people online. Xbox Live, after all, is still an online social device even if it is centered on gaming.

Joshua Stetar of Saratoga Springs, New York, and a 15-year old Spokane girl met on Xbox Live last 2006 while playing Halo. Stetar, 20 years old, then started stalking the 15-year old girl for months, sending her packages, flowers and hundreds of text messages.

The girl’s parents kept returning the packages he sent her, and they’ve even changed the girl’s cell phone number to cut him off. However, Stetar was persistent and found the girl’s new number via Google.

His Google search also turned up the girl’s address. One day Stetar decided to make the 40-hour drive to Spokane. When he got there he sent the girl a text message saying that he will be driving past her house, and even described his car.

The girl’s parents saw the car drive past and a few minutes later Stetar sent the girl the following text message: “Tell the cops that I’m gonna rape you and your sister.” He was arrested on a felony charge of stalking. He was released the day after.


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