Xroar v0.21 – now with improved interface, better audio

Nintendo DS - Image 1If retro gaming on the Nintendo DS is your thing, homebrew developer Ciaran Anscomb‘s Xroar is right up your alley. Since its inception, Xroar has been constantly updated to improve on the Tandy Color Computer and Dragon 32/64 emulator. Head over to the full article to see what version 0.21 brings.

Download: Xroar v0.21

CoCo Tandy Color Computer - Image 1Homebrew developer Ciaran Anscomb has released another update a few weeks after the previous one for the versatile emulator of the Tandy Color Computer and Dragon 32/64. Still compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Nintendo DS, Xroar version 0.21 brings several tweaks to improve your retro gaming experience.

DS owners will benefit the most from this build, so here’s the changelog for the nifty app’s handheld version:

  • Fix border colour in RG6, CSS=0.
  • Input abstraction layer.
  • Render video as 4 x 3 grid of 4-bit colour sprites.
  • Use NDS VCOUNT writability to lock display to 50Hz when appropriate.
  • Major UI improvements.
  • Sound support.
  • Fix chatboard support with new state-machine based scanner.
  • Trace mode fixes (SYNC, CWAI).
  • Support changing of SAM RAM configuration.
  • More accurate single-bit sound.
  • Variable MPU rate support configurable.

If you haven’t been following Xroar, it’s a good idea to check the Readme file which has everything you need to know. Developer Ciaran Anscomb packed a lot of features since its initial release to make sure a lot of games work on the emulator.

Download: Xroar v0.21

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