Yet another acquisition: Capcom buys studio behind Tenchu, K2

Capcom buys Tenchu developer K2 - Image 1Acquisitions seem to be the name of the game in the video game industry these days. Capcom has announced their intentions of acquiring K2, the developing studio behind the Tenchu stealth games. Details in the full article.

Capcom buys Tenchu developer K2 - Image 1

The video game industry has seen a lot of acquisitions between studios lately. This latest news doesn’t come from the Electronic Arts and Take-Two debacle though. Instead, we hear from Capcom, another giant in the industry.

Capcom has revealed its plans in acquiring K2, the Japanese Studio behind the Tenchu stealth games. The Tenchu series has games on numerous platforms, including the PlayStation 2, the Xbox 360, the DS, the PSP, and even mobile phones.

The acquisition is expected to be sealed on May 1, and will be transacted with an exchange of stock. Along with the announcement, Capcom released a statement saying:

Closer ties with K2 will help increase the value of the entire Capcom Group […] By making this company a wholly owned subsidiary, Capcom plans to make its game development activities more efficient and speedy.

We’re excited to see what the studio behind Devil May Cry would do for the Tenchu series. At the least, we’re excited at the prospect of a new addition to the franchise. We’ll keep you posted, so check back for updates.

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