You know you wanna see it – the Killzone 2 cover

Go to the full article and check it out - Image 1The wait has been a real drag with all the news for the new Killzone and all, but as the days blow by, we’re getting more and more stuff for Killzone 2. Here now to tempt us even more is the cover art for Guerrilla Games’ much-anticipated title. You have to go to the full article to see it in all its glory, though. How about a jump first?

Killzone 2 cover - Image 1We’re now once again a step closer to actually playing the game. It’s the cover art for Killzone 2. Without further annoying babble from this writer, here it is, and be sure to let us know what you think down below, alright?

Seeing the cover really makes me feel that the game is ready to pounce, like it’s not gonna be held in shelves much longer and the devs didn’t bail out on me. Thank you Guerrilla Games, now how about more vids? Please?

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