Zu Online patch 1.4.06 preview: 14 things to expect

IGG Zu Online MMORPG - Image 1Want to find out what  major features the developers from IGG have put in Zu Online‘s  upcoming 1.4.06 patch? Well, you’re in luck because the Zu Online team has released a short list containing a few of the bug fixes and updates players can expect to find when the patch goes live late this February.

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IGG's Zu Online MMORPG - Image 1The developers from IGG has recently released a short list of the major features in Zu Online‘s  upcoming 1.4.06 patch. The patch, which is slated to be released in late February, looks to offer quite a bit of new content for players of the game.

As expected, the new region called Little Sky will finally be opened to players. Newer players to the game will also be pleased to know that the protection level for their characters will be bumped up to 60.

Here’s a short list of some of the major changes to the game according to the Zu Online team:

  1. Little Sky will open to players.
  2. The cost of daily events has been reduced
  3. The cost of senior pet eggs has been reduced
  4. The protection level for newbies will be raised to 60
  5. We’ve prolonged the Sinuous Maze event.
  6. The speed of Vigor Restoration from killing monsters has been increased.
  7. The drop rate of yellow monsters has been increased.
  8. The chance to obtain Mystic Stone from the Fortune Casket has been increased
  9. Players will be able to control the Lead Pillar after level 61.
  10. We’ve added 3 new item categories in the Item Mall (Advanced Items, Pet Food, Limited Items)
  11. Fixed the Moonmaiden’s talent ‘Reinforced PhoenixÂ’s Force’.
  12. Added the Summoner’s skill book ‘Greater Minion-healingÂ’ to the store.
  13. Added the item ‘Boss-calling Stone’to the Item Mall, so players can use it to summon a boss (excluding the Crystal Dragon) near the spawn place for bosses.
  14. Adjusted the schedule for daily events.

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