Alex Evans: Ideal scenario is to stay creatively happy in LBP world

Naturally  happy LBP - Image 1Alex Evans of Media Molecule has been thrust in the spotlight of the gaming world along with the rest of the LittleBigPlanet team. Gamers are unquestionably happy with the title, and apparently, the devs themselves have no reason to complain. No wonder Sackboy’s such a happy lad. It’s happiness all around, and they’d love to do more of LBP. Read more in the full article.

YAY! - Image 1In this second part of Media Molecule‘s Alex Evans with Three Speech, he talks about the effects of releasing extra content, the “constraints” they put in the game, as well as what’s in store for the LittleBigPlanet team in the future.

According to Alex, he’s not worried that with the additional content being released on the game they’ll be leading people away from what they want to do with the game. The main focus is “to not dilute what’s there.”

He explains, however, that the thing with allowing users to hand over the control as to what to do with the game is that they have a lot of good ideas but come out with confusing implementation. That is why they put in those restraints. Says he,

…Constraint is ultimately vital… When I spoke at Paris GDC I gave another example: peoples’ first attempt to design a flyer, or poster, or wedding invitation is always a horrible mish-mash of art and fonts – and all you have to do is say to them, just use one or two fonts and or two colours, and immediately the quality of what they do goes straight through the roof. Internally, that’s our biggest theme – we don’t project that to the audience, it’s a consumer project so we don’t say ‘we constrain you’, but it’s finding those really lovely little constraints that let people improve their skill without even knowing it’s better that way.

As to the future of team behind the smash PS3-exclusive, he says he’d love to make LBP his full-time creative pursuit for the next three or four years.

I’ve got only two plans and those are to enjoy my job and ensure the team are enjoying their jobs, so long as we stay creatively happy within the world of LBP, that will be my ideal scenario. If the audience is tired or the team is tired then we’ll have to find other ways to spice it up. But I would absolutely love for us to be expanding LBP for many years to come.

No wonder the Sackpeople are a bunch of happy sacks. Their creators are happy and enjoyed themselves while creating the game, and it most definitely shows in the final product, don’t you think?

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