Discuss of the Week: Dragon’s Dogma 2

Last year, we asked you throw the light on the Puppets of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and share photos using# PSshare# PSBlog. These are this year’s shows:
SecondCapture stocks a female slave with which a circlet-bearing staffer raises a goblin-faced employees.
​ ​
lunar9p shares three Pawns standing side by side with a 4th flapping from the history
shimo_ps stocks a feminine gray- haired Pawn glances forth
​ ​
TheFinestJoe stocks a female slave with his arms crossed and a grizzly epidermis over his mind.
Kokopicawcaw and Arisen, who both wear armor, stand side by side in a people ‘ eyepatch
In a grotto, Xenobitz and a Beastren Pawn stand up while a Pawn wearing spectacles and a Beastren Pawn are seen up.
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THEME: Robots
SUBMIT BY: 11: 59 PM PT on April 24, 2024
Next year, software takes the light. Use# PSShare# PSBlog to share images of computers or devices from the game you want to be featured. 

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