Ankama bringing Dofus to mobile phones

Dofus - Image 1Ankama has announced that a mobile phone version of their Dofus MMORPG will be this Summer. The game, called DofusPocket, will reportedly give players new content and additional features that will add to the original online game. More int he full article.

Dofus - Image 1Heads up, Dofus players. Ankama’s bringing the game to mobile phones with the upcoming release of DofusPocket.

The game’s mobile phone version is from Kalmeo, Ankama’s latest subsidiary. Fans of the game need not worry about the porting process, too, as Kalmeo is headed by Boris Beaulant, the former R&D developer on Dofus.

DofusPocket is currently in the beta stage. The full game is expected to be released this June. Contents and features will be integrated progressively during the test period and after the official release.

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