Bomberman Land: Games video trailer

Bomberman Land - Image 1It seems that the Nintendo Wii edition of Hudson Soft‘s Bomberman Land (PSP, Wii) has its own share of minigames, and it’s in this gameplay video trailer update of the title that we get a closer look at the many side attractions we’ll be putting Bomberman through the paces with. From skiing to jump-rope, the world’s favorite bomberperson is certainly as multi-talented and eager as a certain plumber. Check out the video in the full article.

The last time we updated you about everybody’s favorite slot-eyed bomberperson, Bomberman, we gave you a gameplay video trailer of Bomberman Land‘s Sony PlayStation Portable version. Now, we get a sneak peek at the title that’s a little more motion-sensing flavored. Yes, it’s the Nintendo Wii version of the game that we’ll be getting an eyeful of, and so far, things are looking pretty good.

A gander at the video, though, would show that for some reason, Bomberman’s not really doing any bombing of any sort. Sure, he’ll be sorting red bombs from blue bombs and other motion-based minigames through clever use of the Wiimote – but as far as actually blowing up stuff is concerned, it’s become something like an afterthought. One thing’s for sure, though – those minigames in Bomberman Land sure look like a ton of fun.

Enjoy the video!

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