Church answers if killing in video games is a sin

praying for games - Image 1We all know that religion and politics don't mix. But how about religion and games? We're about to find out as the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod answers the question on whether or not killing in video games is a sin.

Am'a kill you - Image 1We all know that religion and politics don't mix. But how about religion and games? We got a glimpse of that imagined scenario as we found this Q&A portion from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

"Is kiling in video games a sin?" This basically is the query, and it is rather interesting what WELS had to say about it.

Q: I'm very sure that killing/suicide stealing and anything like that is not accounted as an actual sin if it's only in video games. But I'm still not very sure, when I play video games, I'm not murdering at heart because I would never try to take the life of any living thing. And whatever is a video game can't die because it's not alive in the first place, video games are a false alternate reality...

A: As normally defined, taking the life of another in video games (as in acting or in any other fantasy situation) is not a sin against God's prohibition to murder. If, however, what is done in the video game is an expression of hatred or callous disregard for human life, then the heart and motives are wrong, and then it is sin in God's eyes...

For the record, however, obsession with video games can involve other departures from God's will... Typically, this can involve a colossal misuse of valuable time and also end up diverting time and attention from more useful and valuable pursuits that better glorify God and serve our neighbor...

So while they did not flat out say that killing in videogames is wrong, spending too much time with it most certainly is, because it involves "departure from God's will." You know what, I do have an added question to that. What about killing zombies? I mean, they're dead already, right? And it's a matter of self-defense cos if you don't kill them, they'll kill you. Only, you won't be dead dead, cos you'll be one of them. What about then?

Actually, to be serious about it I'd have to agree that being obsessed with video games is wrong, even without the 'God's will' bit. It's just not healthy, right? It strains the eyes, you don't get to do any stretching, you're cooped up all day in your house, you don't find a girlfriend - or if you do have one, you end up losing them ... Basically it really could just shut you out from the rest of the world. Moderation is still the best way to go about it, I suppose.

Still, that was a very interesting question, don't you agree? It gives you quite a lot to think about. So, what do you think?

Via WELS official site

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