Crytek looking for PSP programmer

Crytek looking for PSP programmer - Image 1It’s no secret that Crytek is no longer looking to its core audience as the only market it will serve. The developer’s own boss, Cevat Yerli, said that Crytek will no longer keep to PC exclusives, which then led many to believe that the next Crysis title won’t be on the PC. While that possibility didn’t come to fruition, what did transpire doesn’t necessarily mean Crysis wouldn’t eventually touch the consoles in the future. But how about handhelds? It looks like that could be a possibility, now that Crytek’s looking for a PSP programmer. More at the full story.

Crytek looking for PSP programmer - Image 1 

Months after reporting a vacancy for a PlayStation 3 programmer within the ranks of Crytek, we now hear that the developer’s Budapest studios (in charge of developing PC-exclusive Crysis Warhead) is looking for a developer who specializes in PlayStation Portable (PSP) game development.

Does this mean Crytek’s looking to Crysis on PSP? We won’t go far to say that, but we can guarantee you that it’s to expand game development to Sony‘s PSP.

And we could certainly speculate that, because the search for a PlayStation 3 programmer in Frankfurt a year before was actually in angled toward developing a “Next Generation GameFramework” based on CryEngine 2.

What makes this new job opening particularly interesting is that while the position is offered at a different studio, it’s also in the same studio that’s currently fleshing out a much improved, or shall we say, “new” version of Crysis – minus Nomad.

But we won’t keep jumping to conclusions here. We all know that if anything is transpiring toward a Crysis port on any platform other than Windows, we’re bound to hear more of it soon. Let’s keep our eyes peeled and glued to this space just in case anything new develops.

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