FFXIII concept art or fan art?

FFXIII - Image 1There's still plenty of time left to wait before we finally see Square Enix' Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII finally drop into the Blu-ray drives of our Sony PlayStation 3s, but as early as now we're catching a lot of interesting glimpses over the Web. An example would be these mysterious images which could either be legitimate character designs or just plain good fan art. Head over to the full article and decide.

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1 

Look what Ruliweb has posted in one of their pages! These are supposed character designs for Square Enix's upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 behemoths title Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Again, we emphasize the word "supposed" because these images came from unofficial channels.

Some people who have already seen these images argue that these are fan art and nothing more. Perhaps. But that doesn't mean they're not interesting to look at in the very least.

It's still a pretty long way to go before we finally get our mitts on the latest chapters in the Final Fantasy franchise, but if early trailers and screens are any indication, it's going to be all worth it. We'll keep you posted for more.

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1 Final Fantasy XIII concept art - Image 1 Final Fantasy XIII concept art - Image 2 Final Fantasy XIII - Image 2

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