Fireglow Games releases RPG and RTS hybrid Stranger

Stranger by Fireglow Games - Image 1If you’re shopping around for your next RTS game, then you may want to check out Fireglow Games’ Stranger, a hybrid of RTS and RPG. To make things easier for you, Fireglow Games put out a detailed information summary card on one of Stranger’s main characters, Mordlock. The summary card in the full article!

Mordlock summary card from Stranger - Image 1If you’re craving for a nice Real Time Strategy and RPG hybrid, then you may want to take a gander at Fireglow Games’ Stranger. Stranger lets players immerse themselves in a fantasy world while they take control of three main characters and a supporting squad.

Much like an RTS, gamers can micromanage every member of the squad, from hiring, training and controlling them in the battlefield. While most of the squad can be considered expendable, there are three main characters whose storylines are pivotal to Stranger.

One of them is Mordlock, whose summary card is released for gamers’ perusal. According to the card, Mordlock is the strongest of the three main characters, and is adept in both unarmed and two-handed weapon combat. Mordlock’s summary card hints of the ability to do cooperative magic between two main characters, and there is a table which indicates what type of results can be gained in certain cooperative magical attacks.

We’re still on a lookout for more details on this great-looking game, so stay tuned for more updates!

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