Go Resistance crazy with free Resistance stuff on PSN

Freebies! - Image 1Just when you think that you’ve had enough Resistance, you can grab themes, map packs, and more on PSN for FREE. That’s right, Sony and Insomniac are handing out freebies, now you can enjoy Resistance 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man with your new goodies.

As if we haven’t had enough Chimera attacks, we’re still getting more! Add some Resistance flavor to your PS3 with these cool new Resistance 2 themes. Insomniac Games and its art team worked hard on these teams, and we’re getting them for free! All you gotta do is go to PSN and download, download, download.

Resistance 2 themes - Image 1 Resistance 2 themes - Image 2 
Resistance 2 themes - Image 3 Resistance 2 themes - Image 4 

If you still haven’t downloaded the Resistance: Fall of Man map packs, here’s some good news. You can now download the map packs free of charge. These are only compatible with Fall of Man, so now would be a good time to dust it off and give it another go.

To cap off this fresh roll of early-Christmas treats, why not check out this Resistance 2 vid? Alien invasions never looked so good. Best part is – you can actually get all of that when you go on multiplayer. Sweeeeeeet.

More stuff on PSN:

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