Hollywood Producer Arad lets slip first Uncharted movie details

Hollywood Blockbuster? - Image 1You know you've really got it made once you have Hollywood producers seeking you out to make a movie. Now, while we don't have any producer lingering our midst along with those persistent paparazzis, we do have news on Nathan Drake's first-class trip to Hollywood with the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie.

Camera-shy - Image 1Looks like Nathan Drake is off to a new adventure, this time bigger, shinier, Hollywood-er. That's right, the long-rumored Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie adaptation has finally been confirmed through details revealed by Avi Arad.

In an interview with the Hollywood producer, first movie details unfolded, and it went something like this:

When it comes to the big screen adventure, Arad said the plan is to mix things up a little bit. In the game, the action moves were very quickly to the island, but the film will open things up a bid and add some depth before the island adventure.

Hmm... looks like we're gonna be treated to some character development and backstory, eh? Which would you like to see more: Nathan's insatiable curiosity for all shining and shimmering splendid in his family history or Sully's own (mis)adventures with all the different women he met on travel?

We'll keep you posted on more updates as they come. But hopefully, it won't be a realization of David Cage's "Uncharted is like porn" statement.

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