Hori produces Wii Fit Mat

Wii Fit Mat Hori - Image 1If you’ve got some money to burn and want to make your Wii exercising experience a bit more authentic, complete with official Nintendo products, then check out HORI‘s Wii Fit Mat accessory. Details await in the full article.

Wii Fit Mat Hori - Image 1In an effort to make Wii exercising a more comfortable experience, Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI came up with the Wii Fit Mat.

Just as its name says, the Wii Fit Mat is to be laid out on the floor, underneath your Wii Fit board, to prevent any unwanted incidents – such as slipping – to happen.

The Wii Fit Mat, an official Nintendo product, is made out of green, sturdy-looking material, about 1830mm long and 610mm wide, just enough space to move around in while you’re exercising with the Wii. However, even if the mat looks simple and common enough, the price is a bit steep: 3,280 yen (or about US$ 32).


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