Midway to be part of Viacom soon?

Midway - Image 1There’s a lot going on in the videogames industry, corporate-wise, and it seems that Midway is also joining the fray – with none other than CEO Matt Booty talking about how the publisher famous for the Mortal Kombat series might possibly be joining Viacom. Interested? Then check out all the details in the full article, and see what it means to you as well as the industry in general.

Midway - Image 1 

There’s been quite the handful of company mergers and takeovers going around lately, and it seems that Midway is soon to hop on the corporate bandwagon. Yes, the publisher that brought us the gory Mortal Kombat series is currently in the middle of a not-too-hostile takeover, with both sides pretty much excited about getting together and making games.

This comes directly from Midway CEO Matt Booty, who was asked if the publisher was indeed looking to unite with the media giant. He had this to say:

Midway is a strong entity for Shari and Sumner Redstone and it strategically fits in with their overall plan. But for any more details youÂ’d have to ask them.

Shari Redstone is currently the chair of the firm, appointed last December by Viacom owner Sumner Redstone.

And in a rather surprising turn of roles, it seems that Midway is also looking to buy up a smaller publisher or developer. International executive VP Martin Spiess says it best:

I canÂ’t reveal details, but weÂ’re currently considering both publisher and studio acquisitions. WeÂ’re always looking at opportunities.

Good to know that Midway is still going strong. And more than that, it’s looking for takeovers. Updates as we get them!


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