More info on the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Shin-ra UMD case

The Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 pre order UMD case - Image 1Looks like fans of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 will be able to rest their case after receiving their pre-order bonus…or will they? We’re on the case of Square Enix‘s PSP game once more with additional info on the Shin-ra Electric Company UMD case. As always, the full article awaits after the jump.

Zack and feathers in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Image 1  

The familiar formula goes something like this: pre-order a game and you get a nifty bonus to go along with it. One example of this is Square Enix‘s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, which, when pre-ordered comes with a Shin-ra Electric Company UMD case.

That’s not all there is to it, though. We’ve gleaned a little more information Square Enix’s promo since last time: the Shin-ra Electric Company case can hold a maximum of two UMDs. Not as much as other UMD cases, yes, but it still makes carrying a couple of discs around easier than if you use the headphones that come with the Japanese pre-order version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.

Regardless of whether its a pair of headphones or a UMD case that you get, it’s nice to have a bit of Square Enix’s branded merchandise that have some practical applications to them as well.

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