Namco Bandai milks SoulCalibur IV: new XBL content found costly

SoulCalibur IV - Image 1SoulCalibur IV(Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) is what’s new and hot and cooking, no doubt about that. But can Namco Bandai keep the pot boiling if they stir the gamers the wrong way? More new content for the game has just landed on Xbox Live, and it’s looking like they’ve also jacked up the prices in close ratio to world oil prices.

SoulCalibur IV's Taki vs Tira - Image 1SoulCalibur IV is in so much demand these days, and we have the numbers to prove it. Just last week, a little after the release, Namco Bandai‘s cross-platformer (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) topped the worldwide software charts with 382, 716 copies sold, thereby putting their sales squarely over two million.

Well, it seems like Namco Bandai sees the opportunity, and they fully intend to milk the cow while it’s still hot. More new content has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace (yay!), but be warned: it doesn’t come cheap (boo!)

That’s right. In a rather obvious attempt of fleecing the fans, the new content will cost you 200 MS Points. Is it worth the buck, you ask? Well… it does measure to 108KB in size, and so therefore means that it’s most probably already included in the disk. In fact, it’s supposedly only some of the Limited Edition Content.

Specifically, what the pack includes would be items for the custom character creation mode. This is for you, obviously, to create your own characters, from maids to other whatnots. How much can your 200 MS Points give you? Only five female items, if you’re looking for a more precise canvass.

Are you gonna bite the bait?

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