NetHackDS v1.12a

DS Lite - Image 1Here to get you your fix of insane dungeon-crawling action is this new version of NetHackDS, the Nintendo DS port of the popular NetHack roguelike game by developer brettk. Sporting improvements across the board, this is definitely worth the teensy bit of time it takes to download and insert into your flashcarts.

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Download: NetHackDS v1.12a

NetHackDS - Image 1Nintendo DS homebrew enthusiasts, open wide for another dose of some good old-fashioned hack and slash goodness as the latest version of NetHackDS has finally hit the interwebs, courtesy of developer brettk. Sporting the usual set of improvements as well as bugfixes, this one is definitely a must-have if you want the oldschool dungeon-skulking to continue.

Let’s look at the complete changelog and see what’s been tweaked from the last version:


  • Support binding R+[Up, Down, Left, Right].
  • Support binding the map panning functions to keys, just like any other command.
  • Support binding extended commands to keys.
  • The map can now be panned by tapping-and-dragging with the stylus.
  • Faster text rendering in menus, text windows, etc.
  • Implemented a clone of hpmon.
  • Added menucolors support.
  • Changed the palette files so they’re plain text, rather than packed binary.
  • Fixed a bug where one couldn’t enter additional chorded commands until the chord key (R or L) was released.
  • Fixed a couple tap-and-hold bugs in the command window.
  • F1 now enters key config mode.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t toggle the keyboard off when holdmode and cmdwindow were both disabled.
  • Arrow buttons on the keyboard are now mapped to movement keys (this also works with number_pad mode).
  • Setting number_pad in defaults.nh no longer causes NHDS to crash.
  • Direction keys in key config mode are mapped to the number keys if number_pad is on.
  • Repeat commands are triggered with ‘n’ if number_pad is on.

Nintendo DS homebrew developer brettk does remind that installing this version will reset your key bindings, so if you want your old setup back, you’ll have to arrange them all over again.

Download: NetHackDS v1.12a

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