Next five to seven years will be terrific, says Take-Two’s Zelnick

Strauss Zelnick - Image 1With great (if not long due) games such as Grand Theft Auto 4 (for PS3, Xbox 360) over the horizon, Take-Two Interactive and its chairman Strauss Zelnick is very much optimistic about the near future. Details on the full article.

Take Two Interactive - Image 1Take-Two Interactive is once again seeing a very optimistic future in the video game industry, with chairman Strauss Zelnick saying that the next five to seven years will be a “terrific time to be in the video game business”. Most of Zelnick’s optimism stems from his confidence on Take-Two Interactive’s current performance.

Zelnick believes that Take-Two is now a very efficient enterprise. Contrary to what some industry analysts have been whispering about, Take-Two Interactive’s chairman is not intent on selling the company, but instead is focused on the company’s growth. Zelnick said:

I imagine we will try to find greater efficiencies but they probably won’t be through headcount. I imagine headcount will grow. This is a growth business. We are in growth mode.

One of the steps that Take-Two will take in furthering its growth is in developing more original games such as BioShock. The gaming company is also reported to benefit from the delay of it’s much-anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto 4 (for PS3, Xbox 360) “I believe this release, Grand Theft Auto 4, is going to be vastly better than those expectations,” Zelnick said.

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