Nolan Bushnell says typical in-game ads do not work

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell beside a Pong machine - Image 1It’s not uncommon for game industry icons to express their preferences for or against something. This time around, it’s American electrical engineer and entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell. Simply put, Bushnell believes that typical in-game advertising doesn’t work. More on his opinion in the full article after the jump.

An example of in-game advertising from Doom 3 - Image 1Ask any person about in-game advertising, and chances are you’ll get a variety of responses. Certain people like Jon Epstein of Double Fusion are understandably supportive of it, while others, like Nolan Bushnell, don’t think it’ll work.

According to Bushnell, it’s the nature of the in-game ads that works against them:

In-game advertising is much, much more [in your face] advertising and is more like a billboard. I donÂ’t believe those kinds of ads are very effective. In a game, if youÂ’re not riveted on the objectives, youÂ’re going to lose.

Nevertheless, Bushnell has admitted that thereÂ’s opportunity in the casual games business. In fact, he currently serves as an advisor to NeoEdge, a Silicon Valley company that focuses on incorporating ads in casual games.

The difference is that NeoEdge’s ads may come before, during or after a gaming session – much like TV ads. The ads are reportedly not hidden in the environment, unlike most cases today.

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