One Piece: Unlimited Adventure set to sail west on January 22

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure thumb - Image 1After quite a wait, the Straw Hat Pirates are finally going to the west. Namco Bandai‘s One Piece: Unlimited Adventure has gone gold, and it’s ready to ship in a few days. It sold well in Japan back in April, so we’re excited see how it fares stateside. More loot await at the full article.

One Piece: Unlimted Adventure box - Image 1Without delay, Luffy and his companions will be sailing west. Namco Bandai just announced that One Piece: Unlimited Adventure for the Nintendo Wii has gone gold and is ready to ship stateside. It will appear on shelves on January 22.

Like what its title implies, this game is based on the popular anime/manga series. “One Piece: Unlimited Adventure embodies our commitment to produce top-notch games that are an extension of its popular anime properties,” said Namco Bandai Games America’s marketing and PR director Todd Thorson.

Using the Wii’s innovative motion-sensing controls, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure promises fans of the series an experience like never before. Over 40 characters to unlock and special costumes to acquire barely touch the tip of what the game has to offer. It’s already out in Japan, and gameplay videos are available to help you make the decision if this iteration of the Straw Hat Pirates is worth the purchase.

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