Pachter: Mass Effect has to come to PS3

Michael Pachter - Image 1Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter strongly believes BioWare is taking Mass Effect to the Sony PlayStation 3. He said the money Electronic Arts will be earning from the video game development company it acquired won’t from the games exclusively on the Microsoft Xbox 360.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console - Image 1Aside from talking about how Viva Piñata and its reiteration aren’t enough to put the Microsoft Xbox 360 in front of casual gamers, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter expressed his confidence in seeing a port of BioWare‘s Mass Effect to the Sony PlayStation 3 after appearing on Microsoft’s console as an exclusive.

In part two of the latest episode of Gametrailers’ Bonus Round, the Xbox 360 took the hot seat. The mainstay in discussions about the console – hardware failures associated with the red ring of death – came in as something that gamers don’t talk about anymore after Microsoft increased warranty period to three years to address the problem.

When it comes to exclusives, particularly  the recently released Mass Effect, Pachter said Electronic Arts will be making money from developers BioWare and Pandemic Studios (both recently acquired by EA) and not from games on single platforms. “That is multiplatform… I wouldn’t be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PlayStation 3. It has to,” he said.

The analyst also compared Microsoft’s attempt to capture casual gamers with Victoria’s Secret selling baby clothes, saying the Xbox 360 was made for hardcore gamers.

Check out the Bonus Round via the link below.

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