PSP Pileup v0.3 – now with scoring system and unlockable mini-games

PSP Logo - Image 1Sangheili‘s piece of homebrew love, PSP Pileup, is updated with two good additions: scoring system and an unlockable mini-game feature. Accumulate enough points, and you’ll be able to play another mini-game. Details in the full article.

Download: PSP Pileup v0.3

PSP Pileup - Image 1Finally, more stacker fun for your PSP! Sangheili‘s entry to the Homebrew Idol contest, PSP Pileup (previous version here), is once again updated with some bug fixes and a nice bonus mini-game section.

Less bugs, more stacker enjoyment – even if the handheld version of this arcade staple doesn’t give out prizes should you win the game. Here’s the capsule changelog:

  • got rid of some bugs, a few too many to list here
  • added a scoring system
  • added a minigames section; pong doesnÂ’t have levels

The new mini-game system in PSP Pileup works with the homebrew game’s newly-installed scoring system: accumulate enough points, and you’ll eventually unlock mini-games. More fun, yes? The current version only has Pong included as an unlockable mini-game, but we reckon that we’re going to get more in future versions of PSP Pileup.

Feel free to download the game from the link below. The source code and the full changelog (which includes logs for previous versions) are included. Enjoy!

Download: PSP Pileup v0.3

Via PSP-Hacks

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