RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 – connect your PSP to PC

PSP - Image 1How would you like to be able to connect your PSP to your PC? Even more, how would you like to play your PSP games on your PC? Cool, huh? And very possible, too, thanks to Akind’s plugin, RemoteJoyLite v0.14.

Download: RemoteJoyLite v0.14

PSP and PC - Image 1Akind shares with the PSP homebrew community his application RemoteJoyLite v0.14. It’s a plugin that allows you to connect your PSP to the PC via USB. Not only that, it also lets you play PSP games on your PC. How cool is that, huh?

RemoteJoyLite was actually originally created by TyRaNid, but it was Akind who improved it to the version we have right now. Here’s what’s new in this version.


  • PSP OFF LCD screen is running to correct me.
  • 3 seconds mouse cursor and mouse operation to disappear.
  • PSP model to determine the image data available to address how to use it.
  • Some changes to the setup screen.
  • PC / PSP both in the processing speed of some improvement.

Download: RemoteJoyLite v0.14

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