Resident Evil site shows strange video clip

Resident Evil 5 Capcom - Image 1We’ve been twiddling thumbs waiting for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 trailer, but here’s something that may stave off the wait until May 30. A teaser clip is now being featured in the Resident Evil website, and we’re trying to make sense out of it. Is it a countdown? Is it…oh hey, there’s a boy walking around. Check out the full article for more details.

Resident Evil 5 Capcom - Image 1Something mysterious has surfaced from the inner depths of the Internet, and we’re sure that this will interest you, especially if you’re a Resident Evil fan. A strange video is now the focus of what looks like the official Resident Evil website: the clip appears to be taken by a video camera that’s lying on the ground, its lenses focused on a bus wreck.

It’s apparently a teaser to the upcoming Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360);  in fact, the website is named “Resident Evil: Countdown.” It’s weird to note, however, that the two counters shown on the video clip are going up, and not down. But do feel free to correct us if we read the counters wrong – some people claim that the counters are indeed counting down, just in a weird fashion.

It may not be the promised RE5 trailer (it’s due on May 30), but it’s an interesting video clip to scrutinize. Oh, you may also spot a young boy walking around in a funny manner. A zombie, perhaps? Click on the Via link to see for yourself.

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