Rumor: GTA 4 PS3 DLC leaked

GTAIV - Image 1Sony PlayStation 3 owners, rejoice – it seems that we won’t be missing our piece of the downloadable content pie with Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3, Xbox 360), as someone in the development staff has just confirmed that we will be getting extra content. Just what sort of content, we don’t quite know. In any case, hit up the full article for all the details.

GTA IV - Image 1

With the Xbox 360 version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4 getting quite the downloadable content pack (i.e. episodic content), it’s a bit hard to figure out how the Sony PlayStation 3 version would catch up in that department. Well, it seems that while PS3 owners may not be getting the same kind of extra goodies as their Xbox 360 counterparts are, they WILL be getting some. Just what exactly, they don’t quite say.

This comes from a scanned page of the latest issue of the PlayStation World Magazine. In the scanned page, an article talks about how the GTA IV development team’s own Jeronimo Barrera let slip the deal that the Sony PS3 will be getting its own downloadable content. The buck stops there – everything else that follows is pure rumor.

But since this article itself is filed under the rumor category, let’s indulge ourselves. In the scanned article, they mention two possible outcomes: one is that Microsoft only paid for time exclusivity and not outright exclusivity, so that what Xbox 360 owners can enjoy right off the bat, PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to enjoy, but in a later date. The other outcome is a bit more realistic: that the PS3 downloadable content is in fact PlayStation Home unlockables.

Considering the fact that PlayStation Home will be one of the biggest online communities ever when it hits the world stage, Grand Theft Auto IV-themed goodies do make a whole lot of sense. How about GTA IV-themed apparel for your avatar? Vehicles? Posters, trailers, or soundtracks from the game you can listen to inside your own digital home – it’s definitely one that would fit into the framework.

Of course, we do have to remind you that while the downloadable content is pretty much confirmed, what sort of content will we be able to get isn’t. So until Sony puts out official word, we’ll just have to wait.

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