Street Fighter IV new characters slideshow

Street Fighter 4 - Image 1Still haven’t had enough of Street Fighter IV‘s new characters? We can’t blame you, since newcomers Crimson Viper and Abel are showing much promise in Capcom‘s upcoming fighting game. For those who haven’t seen these two combatants, head over to the full article and you’ll find a nice slideshow video featuring the new bloods.

For fighting game fans, there’s no such thing as too much Street Fighter IV. With that said, here’s a cool slideshow with a plethora of screenshots that showcase various new moves and characters from the popular series by Capcom.

By new Street Fighter IV characters, we mean none other than the deadly Crimson Viper and intimidating Abel. In today’s video update, they show off most of their explosive moves: Crimson Viper‘s electric and fiery blows, plus Abel’s show of raw power. We can’t wait to pull those moves off.

Blanka getting a taste of his own shocking medicine is priceless, and if you haven’t seen that before, look no further than the embed below.

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