TGS 2008: Street Fighter IV trailer

TGS 08 - Image 1Before you take to the consoles to fight, why don’t you watch first how the experts do it? Here’s the TGS 08 trailer from Capcom for Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360). You can find it after the jump.

This is what I love best about gaming conference events: gameplay videos. As early as now into the Tokyo Game Show 2008, we’re getting videos by the truckloads. Here’s another one for Capcom‘s Street FIghter IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360).

Not only does it show gameplay, it also shows cutscenes on the characters, with a came from Kratos himself. It’s looking majorly dramatic, which of course is none too short of what we should expect given that the battle does continue to rage on in consoles.

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