Two English Crisis Core Final: Fantasy 7 videos now out

The cast of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 - Image 1One of the techniques that writers use to stimulate more interest in a tale is to tell the story behind the story. Square Enix uses this backstory technique in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.  In fact, you’ll get to see a bit of it in the two videos that follow, right after the jump.

Those of you who’ve either played through Final Fantasy 7 are familiar with the fact that story pretty much started in the middle, with the backstory filled in as it the plot developed. But even if you haven’t played the classic game or seen Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Square Enix is giving fans the story behind the story in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – and has two videos to prove it.

The first video explains the reason why Zack Fair was sent to Wutai in the first place: Soldier First Class Genesis has gone rogue and Zack and co. have been asked to bring him in. Add Zack’s hyperenthusiastic glomp to that and you’ve got the beginning of a story on your hands.

Square Enix’s second video features another familiar face, but without the menace that’s so often associated with him – yet. Sephiroth takes the time to talk to Zack about his parents, then suddenly catches himself and brings his team’s focus back to the mission.

But enough of that. You’ll see what we mean if you watch these:

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