United Coders seeking publisher for PSP version of Dragon’s Lair

Dirk the Daring in Dragons Lair - Image 1It’s fairly common for a developer and a publisher to work together to bring a game to players. United Coders knows this, and that’s why the Dragon’s Lair developer is seeking assistance from a publisher partner to help bring Dragon’s Lair over to the Sony PSP. United Coders seems to have worked out the details of the arrangement, too. You can read more about it after the jump.

Dirk and Daphne from Dragons Lair - Image 1 Those of you who’ve been playing video games from the 1980s may remember a classic, laser disc video game by the name of Dragon’s Lair. Well, United Coders, developer of the Nintendo DS version of the game, is looking for a publisher to help bring Dirk the Daring and company over to the Sony PSP.

United Coders is thinking win-win on this PSP Dragon’s Lair venture as well – the publisher gets the global publishing rights for the format, while United Coders gets funding for the development and intellectual property cost of Dragon’s Lair in exchange.

According Hans Olsen, United Coders executive producer and lead programmer for Dragon’s Lair, the Sony PSP version of the game will be similar to the Nintendo DS version of the game in that it will feature a choice of two gameplay modes:  the classic 1983 arcade version of Dragon’s Lair, or a director’s cut version featuring an extra scene, an indicator of player progress, more video footage, and more logical scene sequencing.

United Coders hopes to begin development on the PSP version of Dragon’s Lair come February 2008 and release the game by December 2008.

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