*UPDATE* Latest Wii update now available with official changelog

Nintendo Wii - Image 1For everyone awaiting the latest Nintendo Wii system update is up and ready for download. This should make all of our units ready to give away Virtual Console games as gifts this holiday season.

Nintendo has finally provided us with the official changelog. Check it out after the jump!

Wii Menu - Image 1Attention all Nintendo Wii owners! The latest system update for your game console is up and ready for download. As expected,  it gives users the ability to give downloaded Virtual Console games as gifts for friends.

Not a whole lot has been noticeable in terms of changes. We’ll go mess around with our unit until the changelog hits town.

One note, though. Some people from the NeoGAF forums are claiming that updating the Photo Channel will render you unable to play your MP3 files, so be careful. The complete changelog isn’t out just yet so stay with us for the update.

UPDATE: The official website of Nintendo has finally been updated with a changelog for the latest firmware that went live just a couple of hours ago. The changes are as follows:

  • Gift Feature in Wii Shop Channel: What do you give the Wii Friend who has everything? How about a Virtual Console game or WiiWare software! With this new feature of the Wii Shop Channel, you can now spend your Wii Shop points on a Wii Shop item that you can have sent to a friend.
  • Photo Channel 1.1: Personalize the Photo Channel icon on your Wii menu, and replace MP3 music file support for AAC compatibility

The second one, now, provides the explanation why Nintendo Wii owners who downloaded the update couldn’t play their MP3 files.

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