1942: Joint Strike screenshots explode

1942: Joint Strike by Capcom - Image 1Without a doubt, the shoot ’em up genre is still kicking despite most video games being 3D these days. Fans of intense scrolling shooters can look at the remake of Capcom‘s 1942, titled 1942: Joint Strike for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. To show you guys how the revival shaped up to be, screenshots have landed on the full article.

The remake of a classic vertical scrolling shoot ’em up will finally land on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer. Most of us know that much, but how 1942: Joint Strike will look like in high-def glory is still a common question. Fortunately, Capcom and Backbone Entertainment just dropped screenshots to address this.

1942: Joint Strike is scheduled for release this summer to give Xbox 360 and PS3 owners their share of airplane shooting action. As you’ll see below, the original in Capcom’s 194x series now looks impressive with competitive visuals that can challenge most downloadable games.

Here’s to hoping the experience will remain the same, even if we don’t have much doubts given developer Backbone Entertainment’s respectable track record.

1942: Joint Strike screenshots - Image 1 1942: Joint Strike screenshots - Image 2 1942: Joint Strike screenshots - Image 3 
1942: Joint Strike screenshots - Image 4 1942: Joint Strike screenshots - Image 5

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