2007 Game Developer Salary Survey reveals U.S. game industry average Income of US$ 73,600

Statistics are out on the average annual salary of American game developers - Image 1Have you ever wondered about how much money you’d make on a yearly basis if you worked as a game developer? Wonder no more, as the results of the seventh annual Game Developer Salary Survey are out. Check the statistics in the full article, right after the jump.

Game Developer revealed average annual salary figures in its latest report  - Image 1Considering a career in the American game development industry? How does an annual salary of US$ 73,600 sound to you? According to Game Developer Magazine, that amount was the industry average annual salary last year.

The information formed part of is the seventh annual Game Developer Salary Survey. The magazine also featured the average annual salary per specific category, as listed below:

  • Programming – US$ 83,383
  • Art & Animation – US$ 66,594
  • Audio – US$ 73,409
  • Game Design – US$ 63,649 on the whole; US$ 51,731 for new writers; US$ 50,294 for community managers
  • Production – US$ 78,716
  • Quality Assurance – US$ 39,063 for those with less than 3 years experience; US$ 70,658 for those with more than 6 years experience
  • Business & Marketing – US$ 101,848 but variable – can go as high as US$ 132,305 if the person has more than 6 years experience

Game Developer Magazine has more information available, though, including data from previous years and statistics from Canada and Europe. If you’d like to check these out, feel free to click on the source link below.

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