2K Games dismisses The Darkness sequel as rumor

The Darkness - Image 1Enjoyed 2K Games and Starbreeze StudiosThe Darkness (for the PS3 and Xbox 360)? Word is out that Starbreeze is hard at work for Jackie Estacado‘s second video game adventure, but 2K Games is squashing this as mere rumor. More details in the full article.

The Darkness - Image 1Many gamers greatly enjoyed 2K Games and Starbreeze Studio’s game adaptation of The Darkness (for the PS3 and Xbox 360). It is therefore no surprise that a lot of people were happy to hear that The Darkness will eventually get the sequel that it deserves – even if it is just a rumor still.

According to an employee of Top Cow, publishers of The Darkness comic book series, Starbreeze Studios is currently working on a sequel to Jackie Estacado‘s adventures. The estimated launch date of the rumored sequel is set sometime between a late 2008 and early 2009 release.

However, 2K Games debunked The Darkness sequel as mere rumor, and refused to comment.

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