Absolutely fresh: Japan to get mint green PSP

Minty Fresh PSP set to sweep Japan off its feet - Image 1Tired of  the usual black handheld or the overly-flashy champagne gold PSP? Well, here’s an update from Japan that might tickle your fancy. Sony‘s announced the upcoming release of mint green PSP unit, which they say ought to be a hit with female gamers in Japan.

More on this minty fresh PSP after the jump!

The Mint Green PSP - Image 1If you want a nice diversion from the usual black PSP, and don’t want something as flashy as the champagne gold PSP Phat, then why not try a light and breezy color. Say, something minty green?

Sony Japan recently announced that they would be coming out with a mint green PSP unit, ostensibly to attract even more female gamers into the PSP gaming fold as part of the “Blume Series” of PSP colors in Japan. According to the press release they sent out, the mint green PSP will come out on February 21 and will cost 19,800 yen (US$ 180).

Sure, it’s not the manliest color out there, but it’s certainly easy on the eyes and hard to miss in a guy’s room. There don’t seem to be any plans to release this outside Japan, but we’ll keep you posted with more updates on this new color as they become available.

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