Adventure Flight Wii dated in Japan, more screenshots revealed

Adventure Flight Wii - Image 1After a few months of not hearing anything about Arc System WorksAdventure Flight Wii since our last report, the game is now finally dated for a Japan release. We do hope that the cute RC-copter game will be launched in the Western shores, too. Read on to get more information and to check out new the Adventure Flight screenshots!

It’s been a while since we last heard about Adventure Flight Wii by Arc System Works for the Wii. The mini flight sim game is finally dated for its Japanese release, which is on December 13.

Adventure Flight Wii, or Puchi Copter Wii in Japan, lets players take control of various remote-controlled mini-copters to perform various tasks and missions, such as picking out litter from a playground and placing them inside trash bins. The missions will be located in everyday places, such as cafeterias, playgrounds, classrooms, and so on. From what we’ve seen so far, there will be at least nine playable mini-copters.

Those hankering for titles that share the same brand of cuteness as Elebits and Katamari need not look for other games. Do check this space for more updates!

Adventure Flight Wii - Image 1 Adventure Flight Wii - Image 2 Adventure Flight Wii - Image 3 Adventure Flight Wii - Image 4

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