Afro Samurai out January 2009

Bandai Namco - Image 1It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Namco Bandai‘s game rendition of Afro Samurai (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360). Samuel L. Jackson’s sword-toting anime persona and his smart-ass Ninja Ninja sidekick will need a bit more time in the dojo to brush up their moves, but when they finally come slashing in, be ready for stylized martial arts blended with some sweet attitude from the ‘hood.

Bandai Namco - Image 1Samuel L. Jackson’s hit anime Afro Samurai (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) has been dated for release very early in 2009 by publisher Namco Bandai. The game will be out on January 27th of next year and it’ll feature the charm and action of its animated series parent.

This game will have you following the hero Afro and his witty sidekick Ninja Ninja in a story of revenge and honor. Combining urban culture with Japanese aesthetics, this game claims it will appeal to followers of the two unique ways of life.

Expect the action to be highly stylized when this one slashes into the scene. We’ll be updating you on the title as we go along.

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