Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku mysterious trailer

Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku - Image 1Here’s a trailer of Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku, an interesting albeit little known title from Marvelous Interactive. The mystery part in its title is no joke, because even after seeing ample amount of gameplay footage, we’re still at a loss about how exactly this game will play like. Check out the mysterious trailer yourself at the full article.

Following its barrage of Nintendo DS titles, Marvelous Interactive is rolling up its sleeves once more to bring Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku. You probably haven’t heard of it before and we’re not certain if it’ll ever see release stateside, but you may fancy this intriguing mysterious trailer.

From what we can tell, this one is going to be another mystery adventure that involves a lot of touching the screen and pressing the mystery button when you find something odd. Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku‘s ending will be up to you, but fortunately, there’s a system to help take note of events that happen for easier detective work and less mess ups.

The game is due February 28 in Japan, and if you’re an importer who’s in for what seems to be a text-heavy adventure on Nintendo’s handheld, Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku might be worth a try. Just check out the strangely appealing trailer below – you’ll be captivated.

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