Alex Navarro cites Gerstmann’s firing as one of the reasons for resignation

Alex Navarro - Image 1So what brought about Alex Navarro’s decision to resign from GameSpot ? The former game reviewer talks about his reasons in an interview with Joystiq. Read about it in the full article.

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Just a few days ago, we reported about Alex Navarro’s resignation from GameSpot, which will become effective January 24. However, people were left in the dark as to the reason behind Navarro’s decision to cut his ties with GameSpot. Many have supposed that the firing of Jeff Gerstmann may have something to do with Navarro leaving the gaming information site. Now, the erstwhile GameSpot staffer finally decided to speak up about the issue. Navarro told Joystiq:

Certainly [the decision to leave] had a lot to do with the whole Jeff [Gerstmann] situation…I wouldn’t have left if this situation hadn’t gone down the way it did…Sometimes you just realize a place isn’t for you anymore, you know? I felt like it was just time for me to go.

Well, there you have it. However, Navarro didn’t want to comment about CNET‘s decision as well as the circumstances that brought about Gerstmann’s firing from GameSpot out of respect for the remaining GameSpot staff. Gerstmann, Frank Provo, and now Navarro. Will other staffers follow suit? Navarro said that he wouldn’t be shocked, but that he doesn’t actually expect it.

Via Joystiq

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